Hello Chobots,

This blog has not been posted on in forever and as most of you realise that closed down. A new Chobots was made called which left the users very polarised – they either loved the game and staff or either hated the game or the staff. 

A new Chobots is on the way, it is going through staff testing at the moment. The game is expected to be released towards the end of this month (June). is a game targeted to make everyone happy which has exceptional staff and has the game’s best interest as their goal. Get behind the game and show some support and love by liking the Facebook page!

Feel free to contact me on Skype if you have any other questions! 🙂

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Joshshicool Exclusive Picture!

Hi everyone, Mort here, sorry i havent been posting in like FOREVER! I’ve been really busy with school and its hard to stay on the computer for over 10 minutes knowing that you have to study so yeah but since holidays have started ill post more often (Sorry Will). Anyways the title says it all.. You guys know about the coins for change thing happening (sorry no pictures) Well have you been to the lighthouse? Well if so you may have noticed the big pile of coins right? Well, we have a special picture of whats going to happen when it gets filled up to the top here it is:

Awesome right? Please don’t copy!


Thanks Bye Guys!



ToonsTunes Party

Hey Penguins! I got a new virtual world and party news for you! For those of you that don’t know what ToonsTunes is, it is a virtual world for kids where you can create music and there is NO membership! How cool?

Anyway there is a party on ToonsTunes in just a few minutes! It is 5:00 Eastern Time so you should come to the party.

Hope to see you there!

Card-Jitsu Water (Full Video)

Hey Penguins! Today I got a little sneak peak for you! Mimo showed the start of the video but I have the full video! Enjoy watching the video and tell me what you think! 🙂


If you can’t see the video go here!


-Gasnier 11

Mort160000 Is In The House + Updates!!

Hey Everybody, I am Mort! (Did you know Mort means death in French?, Don’t worry i won’t hurt a fly!) Its a great opportunity to be working here.. This site is famous But this blog has been inactive for quite a while, But i got one question for you guys, Is Anybody out there?? If lots of people are well Whoopie.. More parties, give aways and much more!!

Now lets get down to business there are updates in Club Penguin. To my surprise today when i logged in, it was raining on club penguin, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!! There should be lightning to but this is cool!! There is also a new Furniture catalog For November-December. Check it out!!

Remember Comment Saying If You Still Read This Blog, If Lots of People Do And We Reach 1,100,000 Views PARTY TIME!!


New and Improved!

Hello Penguins! Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Joshshicool Blog! After a while of not posting and not getting update I have made a return to Club Penguin. This blog will be filled with posts from me and another author. We are excited to say that we will be giving away:

  • Card-Jitsu Codes
  • Toy Codes
  • Membership Codes
  • And Blogroll Positions

You must make sure you tell all your followers on twitter and all of your friends about this blog and don’t forget to keep checking back for your chance to win some prizes!

Let us know if you got any ideas of what we should add to the blog or just leave a comment about anything related to Club Penguin!


Free Memberships, Coin Codes and Card Jitsu Codes!

Hey Penguins! I’ve got some great news! I know how much you all love having membership, coins codes and card jitsu codes! So, I have way that you can earn all these things. What you must do is click the banner below:

Club Penguin Prizes: Free Club Penguin Memberships, Coin Codes, & more!

Sign up and complete offers. You will then get tickets and when you get 10 tickets you can get 1 month membership or a coin code or the more tickets the better things you can get.

Click that banner and earn some tickets! 🙂




Do you want the ClubPenguinPrizes Banner on your blog? Copy and paste the code below:

<a href=”″><img src=”” alt=”Club Penguin Prizes: Free Club Penguin Memberships, Coin Codes, & more!”></img></a>

Club Penguin 5th Anniversary Login Screen! [Revealed]

Hey Friends, There is a new login screen on Club Penguin!

  1. Go to
  2. Click play now
  3. The new login screen should be there

(Click to Enlarge)

I think it is pretty sweet! What do you think ?

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter! !!


Go to previous post to see the 5th Anniversary Hat!