Another cool glitch!

This is the glitch! look through the telescope at the cove for 30 seconds then you will see a boat whizzing and at the end of the boat you see a penguin water skiing (hydyo_hopper) and one can see Fluffy (the fish) jumping out of water, here is the two imagewater-skiing-telelcope.png

Here is fish!fish-jumping.png

Click on the pictures to get MORE BIGGER!!!!!

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~    😎


9 Responses

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  2. dont think thats a glitch but whatever. ^_^

  3. sorry but i mean this is a secret

  4. that makes more sense! 😀

  5. yeah me too, i am gonna change the title!

  6. nah, on the other thought i won’t

  7. hey everyone!
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  8. Go to…
    We have Club Penguin Mission Guides, a Arcade of games, music, and more,Club Penguin Cheats, and tons of funny pictures! Keep checking it out!

    ~ King Silver 8)

  9. cool glitch but do you have anymore?

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