Trapped in the mission 6, nearly done!

i have nearly done mission 6, i am trapped in the cave and cant get out!traped.png


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  1. You make your puffle jump on the lever. Then have it jump on the end of the thing that the water is pouring out off. Then you have puffle jump on weight thing. Raisescage presto

    JOSHSHICOOLl:What lever?? anyway thanks for telling me

  2. I tried im stuck too!!

  3. Thanks dude!

  4. im still stuck in the beggining! how do u get 2 the puffle-os in the tree and how do u get in? PLZ HELP

  5. you open the door but then u go left and you will find the hut sauce then put the hot sauce and o berries and you will get a very hot o berry then give it to the pufffle and u will escape

  6. Mission Six Tutorial(First part is easy just follow the crab everywhere and then when it goes in the cave look for the “BLACK PUFFLE”)
    (Might be outdated since it’s been 1 years)Keep going Right or Left until you see a wheel that says “CAGE LIFT” put an O Berry on the the red lever that looks like a popsicle on a stick.Your “BLACK PUFFLE” will jump on it and eat it.After that,Put the O berry on the metal chute where it’s tipping the water(The top)Then put another O Berry on the metal thing hanging in the air with a rope near the flooded metal bar,Again your “BLACK PUFFLE” will jump on it and eat it.Done!You’re free!Grab an anchor,a rope,and the bottle of “HOT SAUCE”,Then you open the door,the snow will fall(Well who did that?)Combine the “HOT SAUCE” with the O Berry,it will catch on fire you put it next to your “BLACK PUFFLE” or on top of the puffle if you want to.The “BLACK PUFFLE’s” eyes will get very small and then he’ll catch on fire(As usual) and fly everywhere,Thus burning the door.Go back to where you fell and combine the anchor with the rope and throw it on the mountain then you’re up the mountain!Go to the Ski Lodge after you’re done climbing.Go inside there,Go outside the “GONE FISHING” door,Herbert will be outside doing something.Don’t click on him read what he says and go to the Pizza Parlor and get a spicy seaweed pizza and put it on the right of him then click on the lever.If you get the wrong pizza something BAD might happen so get him only the seaweed pizza!You have to go through the dock since you lost both your map and your spy phone.At the end of this mission you’ll get a new one.Mission Complete!

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