Club penguin widget code

Hi penguinshe secret code
 for club penguin is………….

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Club Penguin – Waddle around and meet new friends!” border=”0″ /></a>

copy this is ur text box on Prestation, widget! then u will haveclubpenguin-banner-sm-1.gif

or you can copy more code from

Good luck! Waddle on ~Joshshicool        


19 Responses

  1. […] penguin widget code unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt. copy this is ur text box on […]

  2. cool site cool site very cool site josh

  3. i will comment every post u made

  4. ok:)

  5. I’ve made a site all about club penguin. heres the address.
    -Clubs Penguin Rules Club

  6. Sorry I meen

  7. Just click on the link below (Where it says Club Penguin Rules Club)

  8. plz go 2 my site i just started it.

  9. club penguin said there id a code if you answer it you will get a free item

  10. SOOO COOL !

  11. hi i am ns07789 and i am going to tell u my password do you want know ********** just joking it is kingofking

  12. hheyy the party yall been waiting for!!iss hherree!!!!my penguins name is BABYGURL712!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HERES THE INFO!!!!!!!!

    TIME: 8:10


  13. cool

  14. finally

  15. Hi for anyone who needs help finding some hidden things for the oct. 2009 hallooween costumes please go to
    I started the wordpress a long time ago but never really cared about it until 5 days ago. Today my friend is coming over so we can edit it and make it better. But i do have a youtube video showing where all the Oct. 2 2009 halloween stuff are. (the hidden ones)

  16. Hi nice site.Visit
    for Free membership aolo17 out.

  17. hi i don’t understand what your saying are you english or not? How do you get a widget do you copy and paste the code into your site? where do you put it if you have webs site builder??

  18. Cool site!
    If you have time plz check out mine!!

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