Vital Viper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey guy today i saw vital viper about 12:29 PST stardard time at Frozen at the dock but vital viper never said a thing!

he it is! vital viper player cardviper.png

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~   And i was dressing like a girl! how embrassing oops!  Good luck   😉


21 Responses

  1. cool remeber it me again

  2. say a b c d e f and one at a time start from now

  3. a

  4. b

  5. sorry but stop it keep say i already said that! looks like we are only aloud to say one comment, ok bye for now

  6. ok bye see ya man

  7. bye until next time or talk to me on MSN

  8. bye!!

  9. lol! im vital vipers buddy and he never wares that lol.

  10. im freinds with vital viper

  11. i wanna be your friend two vital viper

  12. dont clivk on dont click here sereously dont its horrifing

  13. actually thats me

  14. Vital viper is one of my best friends in real life we used to g to the same school, and hes not an old guy hes now in fith grade.

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