Mining hat

The Miner’s Helmet is available in the Iceberg. When you dance with only the hat on, you can drill!mine-hat.png

waddle on


27 Responses

  1. yay but they came back from before though

  2. josh can you show me that golf game we played cause i wanna make an account just tell me here or on my site

  3. Yeah only that there not here now!

  4. Yeah only i can’t find them and they were out like last year they’ll won’t be coming anymore

  5. Ok cool but we still can’t find them were in the HQ right now and here is our accounts
    Lolas account is Kimmer22 and the password is lemon394 and AJ’s account is Spiritdude12 and the password is the same thing so good luck with that!

  6. I’ve been looking for an new jackhammering hat and one is in the mine and if you win cart surfer we’ll show you the tricks:
    Down: puts your cart down
    Down and spacebar: makes you do an flip
    Down and right or left: makes you steer your cart very loud!

  7. wow cool awsome i’ve always wanted to get those but they sold them out last year though

  8. I’ve been waiting for this and here is my account
    Poppy2392 username:
    Jakey2922violet password:
    good luck with the account!

  9. Hey ok here is my account
    Username: Hjja393
    Password: hihi388violer
    good luck with it!

  10. Yo tottaly an good wesite my account
    Username: Hhha922
    Password: secondsexy

  11. Username: Jokeingbabe22
    Password: sexyjoe

  12. friends account Ruby
    Username: Checkysexy
    Password: Fakemesexy

  13. My friends account Seleana (wont be banned)
    Username: sexyistdad23
    Password: sexydad

  14. Friends account Jade
    Username: you’llbanned2032
    Password: Fakechickensex

  15. Friends account Ciara
    Username: Jadesex
    Password: sexyiestgirlintown

  16. My account for real
    Username: Jonsasa
    Password: sexypenguinoohbabe

  17. Hey this is my account!
    Username: Jhasa3893
    Password: sehdkasas

  18. Hey this is Lillys account
    Username: Jakeiscute
    Password: jakeismorecutethandrake

  19. Go onto this is my account Username: Mileytogo
    Password: boxingmiley

  20. Username: Vanessahuges93
    Password: rockhopperrules

  21. well i could go get one of those right now but now i need to feed yarr!

  22. Hello hey go to my wesite! and if you want an prize you’ll first need to be logged on

  23. Hey i also created too!

  24. I look to seem sleeping and Yarr is sleeping in his bed

  25. Hello good penguins on here i’ve just heard some of your passwords and usernames and i got banned so i’ll never see you guys again 😦

  26. Well i’ve see that your usernames and passwords got me banned! Well here is an tip you shoudn’t put your account here if it’s banned


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