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  6. It is an open matter if some of these should be admitted. Joyce’s sentence, the last in his famous novel Ulysses could possibly have been much shortened by the addition of a few judicious full stops, with arguably little effect. Here it must be noted that several languages, Greek and Sanskrit for example, have had no punctuation marks, while in English a sentence is anything between a pair of full stops.

    [edit] Contenders
    Notably long sentences abound. Section I of Allen Ginsberg’s poem Howl is one long sentence. The Blah Story, Volume 4 by Nigel Tomm consists of one sentence which contains 469,375 words or 2,273,551 characters (with spaces).[1]

    [edit] Grammar and possibilities
    While there may well be a unique longest published sentence of English, and a unique longest English sentence ever used, neither of these records can ever be considered permanent. There will never be a “longest possible sentence of English,” as there is no upper bound on the length of English sentences.

    English grammar contains recursive rules. A recursive rule is one which applies to objects of a given sort and produces further objects of that same sort. Thus, the results of applying a recursive rule can have that same recursive rule applied to them. This process can be repeated as often as desired.

    Among the recursive rules of English are the following:

    If P and Q are sentences, so is “P and Q”
    If P is a sentence and N is a name, “N said ‘ P ‘ ” is a sentence.
    So, if X is the sentence that the Guinness Book cites as the longest English sentence, here is one that is longer:

    According to the Guinness Book ‘ X ‘ is the longest sentence of English.
    Here is one that is still longer:

    On this page appears the sentence “According to the Guinness Book ‘ X ‘ is the longest sentence of English.”
    And another:

    On this page appears the sentence “According to the Guinness Book ‘ X ‘ is the longest sentence of English” and that sentence is not the longest sentence on this page.
    Obviously, this process can be repeated ad infinitum.

    See also: generative grammar

    [edit] External links and references
    More info on long sentences
    Retrieved from “”
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  7. Here is a collection of over 2,500 English words and phrases in humorous context—a veritable dictionary—including goofinitions, mock antonyms, collective nouns, hyp-hens, bundel words and much more. This is a must-visit site for comedians, speech writers, punsters, toastmasters, English teachers, and all students of language.
    “Jim Wegryn is a veritable ringmaster of letter play, the host of an imaginative and colorful circus of words. Enter Jim’s Big Top of language fun and you will be entertained, enlightened, and amazed.” — Richard Lederer, author of Anguished English.

  8. English is a marvelous and rich language. Yet native speakers seldom pause to consider its weird vocabulary. Coming from different countries and cultures and meandering the halls of history many English words now seem to have paradoxical definitions. These are wonder words because they make you wonder…

    Isn’t it fruitless to eat your vegetables?

    Did you ever wonder why funeral starts with the word fun?

    Would church music be considered organic?

    Isn’t dogma a bitch?

    What are you vacating when you go on vacation?

    Should someone with guests act hostile? Or take them hostage?

    Wouldn’t it be more accurate to call a fireman a waterman?

    Can you enjoy a party fully?

    In the navy, is a portly person left-handed?

    Is a precaution something you get before a caution?

    Do undertakers actually undertake when it comes to fees for service?

    Could we call an abstract painting an artificial artifice?

    At sundown wouldn’t you expect nightrise instead of nightfall?

    Would you expect a high-rise of flats to be very tall?

    Isn’t kidnapping normal in kindergartens?

    Aren’t even small Catholic churches massive?

    Are overjoyed people too happy?

    Isn’t the center of register the gist of the word?

    Can lay people be upstanding citizens?

    Why do they call marriage matrimony instead of patrimony?

    Like the wheel, wasn’t the lazy Susan a revolutionary idea?

    Just before an artist’s model takes a break, is she predisposed?

    Would the ugly truth be called the lowdown lowdown?

    How come lipstick doesn’t do what it says?

    If money doesn’t grow on trees, then why do banks have branches?

    If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing?

    If you run errands, aren’t you a go-getter?

    Why don’t we say farrer instead of farther, or nearther instead of nearer?

    Isn’t a good steak rarely well done?

    Didn’t rearing children once have something to do with spanking their butts?

    Wouldn’t it be more correct to call a butterfly a flowerfly?

    If you pull the wings off a fly, does it become a walk?

    If somebody is armed to the teeth, does he have a neck?

    If you cease to be, then come alive, are you deceased?

    How come you are still sitting after you sat.

    Isn’t it amazing that anyone can stand sitting?

    Instead of a personality, does a dog have a dogality?

    How come someone can be canny and uncanny at the same time?

    What’s the point of flattery?

    If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?

    Exactly what is so fast about quicksand?

    Aren’t half-baked ideas rare?

    How do you get off a non-stop flight?

    When you cash a check, do you check the cash?

    What is so proper about property?

    Isn’t anything underwater also over water?

    Are outstanding pay checks good or bad?

    Why do they call dwellings stuck together apartments?

    Can you orient yourself out west?

    Why are there interstates in Hawaii?

    Why do caregiver and caretaker mean the same thing?

    If you are just kidding, isn’t that childish?

    At the drive-in theatres, was there a lot of autoeroticism?

    Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?

    Isn’t it odd that sweetmeat is basically bread while sweetbread is meat?

    Why do we hear music from speakers and dial-talk shows on tuners?

    Why is brassiere singular and panties plural?

    How come people recite at a play and play at a recital?

    Why do we iron our clothes and paper our walls?

    Why are goods sent by ship called cargo and those sent by truck shipment?

    Why does worthless mean the opposite of priceless?

    Why are the bigheaded usually also small-minded?

    In court, how come you can’t swear except under oath?

    Doesn’t it seem the opposite of ability should be nobility?

    If you get a scratch on your car, can you make something from it?

    Is it all right to put cups in the dishwasher and dishes in the cupboard?

    Isn’t it odd that to tell time, you look at the hands on the face on the wrist?

    If you are assassinated instead of just murdered, are you important?

    Shouldn’t guests leave a banquest fed up?

    In a stadium, why do they call a place where you sit the stands?

    How come cook and kook aren’t pronounced the same?

    Don’t most people sit in the grandstands?

    Would you rather have your bank account frozen, liquidated, or evaporated?

    Can you comprehend the language of a comprehensive insurance policy?

    What does it mean when the odds are even against you?

    This entertaining page is just one of the many humorous pages showing how English language words can be fun, often being the center of jokes, witticisms, puns, an

  9. The medical profession has its own share of words with curious origins that now are questionable to current usage. For example:

    Why are doctors only practicing medicine?

    What emerges during an emergency?

    Are you expected to be ambulatory to get to the ambulance?

    Do doctors call a sick client a patient for a reason?

    If the nurse checks your heart rate a second time, are you repulsed?

    What surges during surgery?

    If you have several strokes, are you doing swimmingly?

    Would you allow an operator to perform an operation on you?

    During a heart attack, is the heart attacking or is it being attacked?

    If you are both nearsighted and farsighted, do you have perfect vision?

    Why do they use a scalpel when they’re not operating on your head?

    Wouldn’t you think antibiotics would kill anything biotic?

    When physicians treat you, why do you end up paying?

    Can you look up your other body parts in your appendix?

    Does the word ophthalmology come from the letters on an eye chart?

    Is being uneasy the same as being difficult?

    Exactly what is being covered again in recovery?

    Isn’t a stretcher something from the Spanish Inquisition?

    When sick, wouldn’t you go to a medical doctor to be ill-advised?

    Shouldn’t the doctor be ill-prepared and the patient ill-mannered?

    Aren’t doctor’s fees ill-gotten gains?

    Don’t you think psychiatrist should be committed?

    At hospital admitting, did you ever hear them admit anything?

    Can a toothbrush be used on more than one tooth at a time?

    Would you say doctors are curious and waiting patients precarious?

    If you have red blotches on your arm, should you get rash advice from your doctor?

    How come having a cold means having a fever?

    If you get sick at the airport, is that a terminal illness?

    Isn’t someone anesthetized in the operating room an outpatient?

    Does a nurse have to be artistic to draw blood?

    Isn’t it odd how the word hospital is related to hospitality?

    Is it because first aid is so successful that we never hear of second aid?

    This entertaining page is just one of the many humorous pages showing how English language

  10. Like any language, English has a lot of idiom-phrases that don’t make grammatical sense. But that’s no excuse not to laugh at them.

    Is it a bargain if you buy a violin, no strings attached?

    If you’re on a low carb diet, aren’t you going against the grain?

    Is it the crack of dawn that causes daybreak?

    Is it nightfall that causes the crack of dawn?

    Will you find cell phones in prison?

    Would a get-together of optimists be a glee club?

    Does a glee club ever sing sad songs?

    Is bar hopping a joint venture?

    Is a cured ham a lousy actor who no longer is a lousy actor?

    Wouldn’t it be cooler if a man’s best friend was a fox instead of a dog?

    Are mixed blessings worst than those in alphabetical order?

    Would being woke up by an earthquake be a moving experience?

    How come you have to write down something to write up something?

    If you talk turkey, wouldn’t you sound ridiculous?

    Are odds and ends less important than evens and starts?

    Is talking behind one’s back the same as talking in front of one’s back?

    When people say “God speed,” how fast is that?

    How much money do you save when you receive a free gift?

    What’s the difference between new and brand new?

    If you stretch the truth do you a get a tall tale?

    If a race is neck and neck, would that mean it’s a necktie?

    Is it okay to use the AM radio after noon?

    Why does your house burn up as it burns down?

    How come you have to fill in a form to fill out a form?

    Why can you see stars out but not lights out?

    How can a slim chance and a fat chance be the same?

    Why do they call it rush hour when traffic moves the slowest?

    Why isn’t there anyplace to lie down in a public rest room?

    Do cemetery workers prefer the graveyard shift?

    Does alphabet soup ever spell trouble?

    Can you take a crash course in flying?

    How come noses run and feet smell?

    When you press the door bell button, should you use your ring finger?

    Do old wrinkled people think baggy clothes are skin tight?

    How can you dig out of a hole?

    Why do people say “bye bye” but not “hello hello?”

    Why do people sit down during the day and sit up late at night?

    Shouldn’t guests leave a banquet fed up?

    If you float an idea, how long before it sinks in?

    Do politicians who sling mud loose ground?

    Why do you chop down the tree, then chop up the tree?

    When you stick your neck out, how do you stick it back in?

    Why do they call it a TV set when there is only one?

    Why are wise man and wise guy opposites?

    If you kick the bucket, aren’t you still kicking?

    How come “needless to say” always comes with something said?

    If you make ends meet, aren’t you just going around in circles?

    How come you bite down when the jaw moves up?

    Do people who skydive ever think they are jumping to conclusions?

    What lies beyond the moment of truth?

    When you say something tongue in cheek, why don’t you bite your tongue?

    If you saw someone who was two-faced, wouldn’t you do a double take?

    When somebody greets us with “how do you do,” why don’t we ever reply “do what?”

    If marriage is a two-way street, aren’t head-on collisions inevitable?

    If you pull strings to get ahead, won’t your scheme unravel?

    Are you sound asleep when you snore?

    How come even after you lose your temper, you still have a temper?

    How come you sleep while the alarm clock is on and wake up when it goes off?

    Can you back up down a hill?

    Why do they leave out the letter b on “Garage Sale” signs? (garbage)

    If you eat your hat and swallow your pride, why do you end up with egg on your face?

    If you push your belly button, will you get an ear ring?

    Does your pet peeve know any tricks?

    If you can’t get over the weather, are you under the weather?

    Does a jump start begin from a crouching position?

    Did you ever meet someone who was asking for trouble, without question?

    Is it a cake walk when you wear layered clothing?

    Would someone in ill humor be telling sick jokes?

    How come the bride never marries the best man?

    Wouldn’t you expect to get a dead battery free of charge?

    Is a will a dead giveaway?

    Should you break into song if you can’t find the key?

    Would a short fortune teller who escaped from prison be a small medium at large?

    If a thief falls into wet cement, does he become a hardened criminal?

    Won’t those who get too big for their britches be exposed in the end?

    Aren’t a calendar’s days are numbered?

    Isn’t a boiled egg is hard to beat?

    And how the heck did “how come” ever become a question starter?

    This entertaining page is just one of the many humorous pages showing how English language words can be fun, often being the center of jokes, witticisms, puns, and jest and bringing smiles if not laughter to the comedian in each of us.

    © Copyright 2003 by Jim Wegryn

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  14. […] wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt i hate this game sooo stupid so i have no idea why they made it but cp is just not to smart and i know im smarter LOL!!!!!!!! […]

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