New fish lure facts and more……….

OK here is some fishing lure facts! How do play with it and buy it!

1. walk to the sport shop,(Winter sports) outside the ski village, once u r at the sport shop click on the catalog at bottom right!greyfishreal1.png

2. Buy it from the catalog! from page 6! NOTE: it is only for members i am using my prize winning membership penguin( the 1 in the contest) new-fishing.png

3. Go to the ski lodge out side ski village and click on the ice fishing sign , then it ask u! say yes!greyfish2.png

4. go to the game and click “play” if u don’t know how to play click “Instruction”

5. This is what the new fishing lure looks like! and how to catch it! This is the grey fish route! if the grey fish is at the top it will go all the way down! if the grey fish is at the middle, it will go up! greyfish3.png Click here to enlarge!

6. this is my result! grey fish cost 8 coins yellow cost 4 coins and huge mullet cost 100 coins! greyfish1result.png

~Joshshicool~ 🙂

3 Responses

  1. Great post and if you’d like you can enter my contest dude!

  2. ill enter

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