Jet Pack Adventure- Stage update tomorrow!?

Billybob just made a post about Jet- Pack with stage in it Here is the picture!


And here is the post!

Title: New Wall Tomorrow

Post:Hello Penguins!

I wanted to let you know about a couple cool things happening early this week. Be sure to check out Fun Stuff on the website tomorrow for a new wallpaper. I won’t spoil the surprise of what it is, but I think you’re going to like it! With everything there is going on right now I didn’t want anyone to miss out on it. Remember to let us know what you think would be cool wallpapers for the future! We love your suggestions!


In other news: We made a couple small changes to Jet Pack Adventure today. A lot of you have suggested that a close button would be helpful, so we added one and made a couple art changes to reflect some recent additions to the Plaza. Enjoy!

~Joshshicool~ and don’t forget the poll for my 20,000 hits party! Click here
For the poll!


4 Responses

  1. Hi Josh! I am so glad you went to my website! Oh, and cool post! If you would like to meet me on Club Penguin some time, tell me the time and server..Thanks!

  2. Hi Josh.. Real life money.. If you bring Squeakers432 and/or Uggs 11, I will give you $40/$50 depending on if you got one or both. If you know them let me know! (in real life) What could really help me out is if you put me on your blogroll..I added you to mine. That way, the real life Squeakers and Uggs might see it! I am trying really hard to get them on my website! I want to meet them in real life so bad!

  3. i say yes to whatever it is your talkin about

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