New test server!!!!

Here is the new test server! Click on the picture to log in! and look at the picture as well!testserver1.png

and u get 20,000 coins in the beginning! but u have nothing in the 2 inventory 😦

and you are 0 day old!test-server-2.pngtest-server3.png



20 Responses

  1. tee hee!!!

  2. hi josh i kno u posted on my site and now i can do pics YAY!!!! oh and ppl readin comments plz go 2 this site..

  3. can you tell us how you got the test servers to pop up i want to know

  4. hello,my name is itzhak im know how to walk on walls and how to make a clones/bots and how to copy others words and i know a lot a glitchs if u want to be a ninja or to know something here is my e-mail:

  5. salllllllllll loooomeeeee!!!

  6. how do u get the testservers?

  7. please help me i cant find out how to become a puffle on club penguin so if you know all steps to it email me at

    Thanks alot!

  8. hi 😀

    Tee Hee!

  9. ya

  10. turn me into a puffle

  11. How do u get on to the test servers

  12. how do you get to the test severs

  13. I so want to be a puffle

  14. turn me into a puffle

  15. hiya there is no point trying to go on it its shut down and i didnt even have a chance to go on it =(

  16. How do i get to the test site?

  17. billybob u hv commented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. (HEHE)

  19. how do u get on test server????????????????????? 😦 😦

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