New newspaper about ST patrick+ joshshicool’s is 200 days old!

click here

for the new newspaper! here is some picture (click to enlarge then all!)

New newspaper title newspapertitlebook126_1.png  Rockhopper saving plan continue…newspapertitlebook126_2.png

St Patrick’s day party is tomorrow the free item should be “Gigantic St. Patrick’s hat”!newspapertitlebook126_3.png 

Easter bunny hunt too! at march 21st! free item should be “Green Bunny Ears”newspapertitlebook126_4.png

The space adventure is coming back it was there at November! (i can get this one big because it is only half of a page!newspapertitlebook126_5.png

Aunt arctic will talk about “buddies and why is blue puffle slow at puffle round ups! 

tip and secret is about cuckoo clock!

The focus for this week is Lighthouse/Beacon!newspapertitlebook126_6focus1.pngnewspapertitlebook126_6focus2.png

And the events !newspapertitlebook126_7.png  And plus i am 200 days old!200.png

~Joshshicool~ 🙂


4 Responses

  1. wow! it means you are playing club penguin for a long time!!!

    I’m only 132 years old 😦 anyway, I can’t wait for tomorrow! It’s the st. patrick’s day!!! 😀

  2. WOW dianniebunny ur old! 132 years old!!!!! YEARS! sorry not sarcastic

  3. I’m 400 and something days old! But good for you!

  4. Days old I think you mean, I’m 207! 😛

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