Penguin of the week week 2!

Penguin of the week #2 is Purpalooloo!purpalooloo.png
Reason: 1. Do what i told him to do.
Reason:2. Come online everyday sometime twice!
Reason:3. Made me an admin on his site his site is www.purpalooloo.wordpress.com1.To be my penguin of the week you MUST be my buddy otherwise i can’t take a picture or know you! 2. If you want to be my buddy say “Hola Joshi” sometimes i have full buddies list, sorry if i didn’t buddy you.

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~


10 Responses

  1. awwwww add me next week

  2. i am ur buddy and ur brother , plz i will be nice to u!

  3. ok!!!!!!!!!! but mmmm let me think

  4. NO!!!!!!!!!! 😡 😡 😡

  5. ok whatever 😦 😦 👿


  7. cpccpc is ur brother! oh and…
    plz i only have 30 hits (lol) and joshshicool is my buddy on cp and i was the first penguin of the week!!!!!

  8. WOW thanx josh 😉 didnt even kno it since youve been mad at me 😀 thanx

  9. Hey u have mostly noticed but my site got suspened so heres the new one!
    – Mr Bigman

  10. Can you come online on Slushy, America on March 31?

    Rose Pengy

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