Mini contest winner! (started from yesterday)

Mini contest winner was “17ner” but i don’t know his website so 17ner plz tell me your website!

And another thing about the contest, straw000 should have one, but he wrote “All of the rooms in one comment! And i said “do not do ” 1 comment = 7 room otherwise you can’t win!” so straw000 didn’t won even he is first to comment

Tell me your website “17ner”!

~Joshshicool~ new contest coming soon!


7 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I don’t think you should have the do not click thing because it has a rude word and is annoying.
    I had to use task manger to shut it down.


  2. Toronto I don’t have a website and my blog about club penguin is terrible!!! And I didn’t intend on winnig so I decided just to have fun. I’m very confused right now please HELP!!!!!

  3. OK I’m back on track my website is:
    Sorry I get easily Confused

    P.S I’m a girl ; )

  4. Joshiscool. I have VERY sad news. I got banned by some foolish cp moderator. I got banned for no reason! I wont be in club penguin for a while. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    This is not a lie!
    I swear! I really got banned for no reason! I better write to cp!

  5. ok drapion this is bad news to you!, and 17ner , i am not Toronto!

  6. Sorry I got mixed up you know I get very confused easily!!!!!!!



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