Egg hunt guide! (where is the eggs?) here!

Here is the guide of the Easter hunt,

First egg at the Mine shack!egghunt1.png

Second egg at the Dock!egghunt2.png

Third egg at the Pet shop!egghunt3.png

Fourth egg at the Book room!egghunt4.png

Fifth egg at the Dress up poster at the Gift shop!egghunt5.png

Sixth egg at the Plaza, on the lantern!egghunt6.png

Seventh egg at the Lodge attic, click ur mouse on the box then it will appear!egghunt7.png

The Eighth egg at the Dojo, it nearly flashes everywhere around the dojo so beware! egghunt8.png

And here is what the eggs looks like! And click on CLAIM PRIZE to get ur prize!egghunt9.png

And Getting it!egghunt10.png

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~ :mrgreen:


4 Responses

  1. hey awsome post i cheak this site all the time for all the new updates cheak out mine some time

  2. thanx… it helped a lot!

  3. the egg only flashes 6 place around the dojo. on 1 of them it slides to the right

  4. hey. plz add me to your blogroll!!
    here it is:
    my name is BOBBYGIRL (BobbyGirl)


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