Easter weekends

This is a stupid post, but i have nothing to do so i just post it! (Billybob’s post)


Hello Penguins!

The Easter Egg hunt is going on all weekend in Club Penguin, so be sure to check it out! Get together with a few buddies and search for the eggs together. They are all hidden in different places around Club Penguin! It’s lots of fun! It may take a bit of work because all the eggs are hidden really well–some are harder to find than others. It’s worth getting to the end though. There is a prize and it’s really cool!

We would love to hear what you think of this year’s hunt!

In other news: The furniture catalog was released today too! I really like the band posters!

~Joshshicool~ :mrgreen:  in other news April fool party is gonna be out on Friday!


4 Responses

  1. lol u must be very bored! can we chat on ur xat sometime?

  2. and r u on right now?

  3. coz if u r im going on xat now!

  4. u have been on coz u changed the blogroll xtra!

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