April Fool Day New Newspaper (Best newspaper ever!)

It is really cool newspaper, in fact is the best newspaper EVER! Click here for the new newspaper!

Here is some cool stuff! The Tips and secrets are upside down! i manage do get downside up   😆    woot1.png woot2.png

I am famous! I am the penguin of the month! 😆 It really got me a Shock when i saw that! i was surprised! But it is a trick! If you look in to another account it will be the person your logging into!penguin-of-the-month.pngpenguin-of-the-month1.png

This was funny too! If you click “DO NOT PUSH” it will rip the paper so you can’t see the joke      😆     do-not-push.png

The events :event33.png

There is a new section called “Ask Gary the Gadget guy” Wonder it is gonna be out next week?ask-gary.png

And take a look at the newspaper, this is lot of drawing like this one! , it is really funny!april-fool.png

Waddle on for the best newspaper ever! ~Joshshicool~ 😆 😆


12 Responses

  1. i know it’s cool eh?!?!

  2. and u on?

  3. i am online, what?

  4. wanna go on xat

  5. if ur still online

  6. r u?

  7. hello???????????? (i know i chat fast)

  8. U ON NOW!?!?!

  9. ill be on xat


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