April fool day best party ever= guide + prank 1 of April fool!

Hello people! i think the April Fool day party is the best party ever after the Fall fair from September 2007!

The new pin is at the Mine, but i forgot to take the picture, then i log on there were to much people! and you have to join the dot!boooooo.png

Free item-  Red Propeller hat returns from 2006! april-fool-prank1.png

Free item – Swirly glasses- coveapril-fool-prank2.png

And there is gonna be lots of April fool pranks like this one!- If you throw a snowball at the Lighthouse and Beacon a color will come up!prank1.pngprank2.png

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~       


4 Responses

  1. you are cool

  2. Hola!

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  3. OMG

    Are you kiddin’?

  4. Hola!

    No, Games Diary.

    Waddle off!

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