April Fool day party cool & laugh 1!

Here is a laugh at April fool, if you go to ski village and about to go to ski mountain you will see PANTS on Ski Lift! funnypictue2-pants.pngWADDDLE ON ~Joshshicool~  

3 Responses

  1. Hi! Nice Site! I come here a lot!!

    Want to order a pixel penguin?? Click here to!

    Or go to http://www.jc4x4.org!!!



  2. lolz it iz funny and r u on? and 17ner is loosin her hits lol

  3. Hey know about the coolest and most devastating April fool prank?
    “Bill Gates is dead, shot by a lone gunman at a charity event in Los Angeles. After three South Korean networks broadcast the story on local TV, ensuing panic triggers a 1.5 percent drop in the Seoul stock exchange — a value loss of $3 billion.” It was spread in 2003.

    So what are you guys thinking this year? A very happy April fool day to all of you.

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