New catalog for you!

Joshshicool said I needed to post, so here it is:

Hello penguins! Today we have the catalog!


Look at those! They are so cool!


I could barely care less about these two outfits^, still, nice catalog!




^Now this is cool!

And now the backgrounds


On the page about neckties, click the penguins teeth to get:


~Orbvab~ Editor and Cheats Master


4 Responses

  1. were is josh? and im so winning the membershiped penguin contest!
    and u guys took ages to post ❗
    :mrgreen: 😎 😉 😳

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  3. check my site dude
    comment some time!!!!
    P.S. your site rocks!!!

  4. ok there is still a chance for the sorry its including advertising but i just figured out that in the post that i sad the end of it was the last day of april!!!and heres proof!!!so cep on advertising!!!we need to get to 10,777!!!so start advertising!!!

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