New kind of wordpress dashboard!

Here is a new kind, i am not sure is it works on your computer but it did on mine, here is the picture!

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~ 🙂


28 Responses

  1. i don’t have a wrdpress ( i do but don’t use)but thats random?!?!?!
    and i was joking wen i said i was 9 im actually 11, srry 😦 still good friend’s 😉

  2. haha, if you have wordpress you MIGHT have it

  3. u on?

  4. the picture are not clear! I have no idea! lol that rhymes

  5. YOU ON?????????

  6. Yeah I have the same thing my wordpress.

  7. im on now

  8. r u on?

  9. lol wen im on i go off. and wen ur on i go on and then ur off! lol 😆

  10. i am on now

  11. yeah! ariel2260 agreed so i am right!

  12. so u on??????

  13. i am really bored

  14. lol i went off again my bad 😳
    if ur on post if ur not don’t, ill stay here for bout 3 mins? just say yes im here or somethin…

  15. going on cp…

  16. k ur not on

  17. yes, your on now?

  18. im on right now

  19. r you????

  20. im on my blog right now!!!!!

  21. hi i am here

  22. I was listening to crazy frogs we are the champion ( )

  23. lol dats funny! 😆
    and im gonna win that contest

  24. lol 4got u on?

  25. Nice post, Nice site
    check mine out its
    its a nice site

  26. hey its me clipi cool site

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