New Admin(s)

Hello people, I am not gonna post often now, here is when i am gonna post!
(Only will post on Monday,) (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday= maybe) Wednesday= NEVER! So I made 3 new admin(s)!
Here it is:
Cptag= Editor
Purpalooloo= Editor
Djcnyv= Author

Here are all my admins now!
Joshshicool= Admin
Cptag= Editor
Cpmonster= Editor
Sportboy= Editor
Orbvab= Editor
Purpaloloo= Editor
Djcnyv= Author

If you think you can be an Editor or Author I must know you well and have a good website!

~Joshshicool~ šŸ˜‰


11 Responses

  1. Thanx Josh

  2. Oh and i just noticed you have a lot of hits now

    P.S YOU ROCK!!!

  4. oh coz im an author what do i do?
    lol im new at this….

  5. u know that glicht thing with the buddy list and stuff..
    well ur somehow deleted off my friend list! so can we sometime meet on cp???

  6. i know i spelt glitch wrong, so don’t say anything

  7. it will show him tomorrow so he dont have to add you again

  8. Hi

  9. visit this awsomest site is the world well i think plus it maybe better than watex’s serios!!!check it out!!!this isant even my site!
    P.S. comment there sometimes toyour site also rocks!!!

  10. can i be an author

  11. Can i be one???
    My email is

    PS. Sportboy is my best friend.
    (In real life)

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