Mission cheat in the newspaper!

Also there is a cheat in the newspaper!
Also there is a cheat in the newspaper!

it will bring up a message that you have to decode, here is what it says:

“To unlock this file, turn all puffles black.”

So click the puffles and make them all black, once they are all black a new message will pop up, it says,

Attention Agent:

We received a phone call from Herbert. Below is a transcript of what he said. We are looking into it. Be on alert.

Hello my fine feathered friend, I hope you have not forgotten about me. I wanted to send you a special message, to show that I have not forgotten about you. Get ready, dear friend, because “time” is about to run out.


Herbert P. Bear Esq.

This is probably related to the new mission coming out this month.

Also Rockhopper’s ship is finally completed, it is cleaned off and you are now able to access the Ship .

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~ P.S This is from Mike92


5 Responses

  1. Hi, you must have a new site. How do you get new pages and archives.
    Plz comment my site.

  2. you are cool im rockhopper

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