New Play At ” The Stage”, Costume Trunk.

First of all the cover!

Second of all the 2 pages! and they brought back the old RARE item’s! they are:

Lasso ( Rare cowboy clothing item!)

Safari Hat (RARE! The first member item released by Rock Hopper!!)

So that’s It! i unfortunately I couldn’t get pic’s of what the play is called or what the ” Stage” looks like in the inside, 😦 but yea that’s it really! so bye!

~Dj :mrgreen:

10 Responses

  1. oops the pic’s didn’t turn the way there meant to look like oh well 😉 :mrgreen: if u can fix it i will apprieciate it thx 😀

  2. I will fix it.

  3. I fixed it and also deleted the part about the backpack because it is just a different colored version.

  4. By that I mean, green hoddie, black hoddie, etc.

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  6. this is hard to say and it makes me sad to because of all the people that I have made happy one my blog to all the respect I have for some of you out their is hard to give up , This is going to be a shock to you all this is what im going to do im still running this blog but it wont be about clubpenguin it will be about cant tell you till I do it so keep cheaking back in when you can ! i hope you all can respect my site and comment saying good bye or some thing if you dont its ok !

    this blog is under constuction for now and will be done

    next week thank you for all the visits i hope you all

    can come on when im done just to cheak it out thx cptag!

  7. Srry bout that. Il add u to my blogrollif u add me to urs?

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  10. Man i love your ‘Don’t Click Here’ Program. But i’m not a clown!

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