New upgradetion

Hi people, here is a picture of the upgradition of the new ! There is also some cheats as well………..

Click on the boat for the water skier to jump…
Click on the Spy phone for the Secret Agent guy to come…………
Click on the Starfish to let change the starfish into Sandcastle or Shell……
And Click on the Yellow Puffle for an painting!

~Joshshicool~ :mrgreen: 🙂 😉


16 Responses

  1. prett cool

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  4. hi josh! sorry i haven’t been commenting for a while…..
    ive been busy with gymnastics!! i can do the spits, back flip,front flip,handsprings,handstands & jump splits!!! and if im not doing that im busy with homework!!! also im 11

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  6. by the way, my old site, got hacked and deleted. it had about 25,000 hits! 😦 I am getting my hits back really quickly with my new site but im still not in the thousands.

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  9. im back for good!
    hey every one took a big break why i was gone i saw that alot of people wanted me to stay and continue

    my blog alot of my friends said dont quit i said i dont knoiw if i would but what i relly need was a break

    any ways im back and i dont know what i was think but i deleted all my pages .

    thanks for all the comments every one i hope you can come to my party

    im having for me coming backs their will be betas beta giveaways and more

    because when i come back i come back hard lol!

    meet my betas soon when i can get the chance

    to go on and do it write now i will just update but when i do

    make sure to come and see this!

    any ways i will be updating every thing soon

    intill then heres the new stuff

    that came out why i was gone!

  10. theres another one if you click on the jet pack penguin when he stops he will wave

  11. hi

  12. hfhedutduxyshgysfnxfdfcchfsbhgyergvcfeydgvcjgydecv,vhygrev8962365vvbdsvvdcb/fhgyfshcv.ugdygagjgw11666873nnkgndk^^%$^3khgscfg

  13. hey i new all that alreadyoh ya i have some cheats also click on yur penguin then exit it then press in en but not typeing it wat do u get now do the same with em then ep then ei its really cool umm oh ya thers a really cool one dont type it in press in t and u can throw snowballs really fast!!

  14. hi everyone! (>>) i’m just going to say something nice about club penguin…………………….
    it SUCKS! no one should be a memeber because its a robb. any way go to now for FREE! yes i do mean free so go on and play as a REAL person and shop fur clothes and other things too! so go on now and i hope to see you as jessicatotallycute104!


  16. Thak you for the news

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