Membershiped penguin Contest! Results!

Hello the Membershiped penguin contest ended today! ill now say who won!

First Place Is………….

Djcnyv! (me)

Second Place is……….


Third Place is…………….


Fourth Place is……….


Here are the prizes and what no. they counted too!

Djcnyv (me) counted to ~ 566!

Purpalooloo counted to ~ 0, because josh said She/He comes in second place!

Jennifer2610 counted to ~ 19!


Djcnyv (me) won~ a rare free membershiped penguin! with rare items including yellow duckie!

Purpalooloo  ~ His/Her website written down every month!

Clubpenguincheatclubpenguincheats won~  Her/His website written down every second month! but i don’t think He/Her has a website……

Jennifer2610 won ~ Her/His website written down in joshshicool’s next post (ones that admin’s don’t post) But i don’t think she has a website………

Well that was a long Post! Better luck next time people who didn’t win!

joshshicool u need to email me the penguins user name and password!

~Dj :mrgreen:


4 Responses

  1. josh can u send me the user and pass for the rare membershiped penguin!?!?!?!?!?!??

  2. Kool
    Get an awsome header ordered
    Its really Awsome!!!!!!


  3. Hi cool post!

  4. hey straw

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