Sorry people at penguin of the week+ prize out……!

Penguin of the week Num4 is……….. (No one) No one is the penguin of the week because i wasn’t here nearly for a week because i went out to Bay of Islands (New Zealand) to visit there….
And the prizes have been hand out!’

No website for Jennifer,, sorry

there is 2 new postcards, Stage and Meet for tea, picture doesn’t work πŸ‘Ώ 😦 😑 πŸ˜₯ 😑

Waddle on ~joshshicool~


6 Responses

  1. Hmm i didnt get the post lol.

  2. lol me too, the post didn’t came out well

  3. Go to to get a really kool custom header!


  4. hey josh one favour

  5. coz i actually won the contest….
    can u send me the user name and pass for that penguin i won?!?!?

  6. i sented you the e-mail you stupid!

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