New Club Penguin Pin Cheat

Follow These Guides to Get The New Pin (Goblet).

  1. Go To The Coffee Shop.
  2. Guide Your Mouse Over The Light.
  3. Walk Over To It, Click ” Yes”.

You have Now Got CP’s Newest Pin The Goblet!

Waddle On~DJ :mrgreen: P.S Sorry No one Has Been Posting For a While :mrgreen:

:update: the Pin Is Obviously for The ” Medieval Party”, also they Brought Back ” The Twelfth Fish” for the Party!


10 Responses

  1. Hey, this is Waddy28 from
    When you visit my site and I get to 30,000
    hits, i will be throwing a huge party for
    all the penguins who know about it! The
    person who advertises the most gets a rare
    penguin with rare items! Good luck!

  2. Awesome post! Could you please put me on your blog roll as Wwe Adam’s Club Penguin Cheats?

  3. sweet dude!!!!!

  4. Hey in club penguin i’m Ivhan 2 and I wanna in Wwe Adam’s club penguin cheats thanks

  5. i am rockanglz2 lol
    r u called lukmarg if thats u then plz tell me

  6. hi, I’m penopeng, and I know lukmarg, but I have no idea where he is now… and he’s not my friend….

  7. hey penopeng-its me rock anglz2,u used to be my buddy

  8. ohhh… hey.

  9. o lol srry hey.


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