Best ever secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi people, my friend named “Ganisher 11” told me a cool as secret! plz don’t copy this because it is just cool as…..! ok here is the secret, go to the catalog go to the last page and drag, how do get the coins to clothing

And here is what it is looked like

thanks ganisher 11 !

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~


6 Responses

  1. Cool!

    P.S plz go on parka today

  2. Hey,

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  3. sorry djcnyv.
    pen flippy here
    you entered my membership contest but it went into the spam box…ive added you to the list but the first round is nearly over!

  4. Okies im fine with that!

  5. lol 5 min away

  6. ♀♪♥♀♪♥♀♪♥♀♪♥♀♪♥♀♪♥♀♪♥♀♪♥♀♪♥♀♪♥♀♪♥♀♪♥♀♪♥♀♪♥♀♪♥
    cool site

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