New game contest! 2 winners!

i am gonna have a game contest! There is gonna be 2 winners, i will be sorry if you didn’t win!

Here are the prize:

1 Place = Be my buddy (if you are already one then I will visit your site everyday) (which means your on my blogroll) and be an editor on my site

2 Place = Be my buddy (if you already one then I will COMMENT you site everyday) and an author on my site

Here are the rules: you can summit as many games as you can! If someone copy you game you can copy as well but only once! Must have a website (must be wordpress) AND e-mail the contest and it will end until my birthday (which is seen on my previous post)

P.S it can not be club penguin, dizzywood or monkey snowfight but below it is just an example

Here is an example comment

Favourite game : club penguin, dizzywood, monkey snowfight
Favourite games’ website : ,


6 Responses

  1. hey wassup every one long time no see im back for now! lol cheak out my site for more details

  2. lol i dont get this?

  3. oh nvm

  4. site:
    Fav Games: Runescape,Planet Cazmo.

  5. is like any1 on?
    Waddle Off ~DJ

  6. sweet site dude!
    keep up your great posting dude!

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