Don’t listen!!!!!!!! and player card update

Hi, someone just edited last my post and wrote my link is closed the website i am working on is well, this is rubbish! My site was NOT closed at i was NOT working for cpmonster, i don’t think cpmonster did this, think crushed14 did this so i have decided to deleted cpmonster of my blogroll AND editor so there is no link to cpmonster’s site (if you do find one plz tell me) I am sorry if it is not you crushed14 but if it you plz comment back i will put you back on again

Here are the player card update (I copied this because i have no idea where did they find this information i think only member allowed this)

Second picture

~joshshicool~ P.S new newspaper coming soon


16 Responses

  1. lol u only just updated the player card thing

  2. lol u on?

  3. quick answer

  4. k im back now lol u on?

  5. talk to me

  6. 1 minutes after you spoke!

  7. k xat?

  8. lol

  9. lol i am off

  10. lol u on? nice hat.. lol

  11. ok i am on

  12. i know billybobs pass! but i aint tellin ya assholes

  13. hey joshiscool, i know where everybody is getting it. go to and then click the eyescanner 3000 and after the pge opens at the top there is a cpip blog and thats where everybody is getting the player card update and penguin mail update crap. well atleast thats where i got my pictures but anyhow it works! by penguin name: darts noah

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