2 glitch at the water party! and 1 secret!

Here is the secret, is you go to the mine shack and wait for about 1 minute the water will come out!

If you see the pipe at the right bottom of the screen at every room you can drag it to splash over penguins

And if you from snowball it will become water balloon!

~Joshshicool~ :mrgreen:


12 Responses

  1. Hi sweet post.

    You wanna see a STICK FIGURE do A DANCE?
    Comment if you think its tight.



  2. i already knew that, they brought it back from last year 😦 except for the hose.

  3. ? don’t be sad

  4. anyway last year i don’t think there were shell necklace

  5. no ya think? plus im back, and im sad cos they mostly brought back the same decorations

  6. my name dosen’t come up in a link 😦 it realllly annoy’s me, how do i fix it?

  7. ooooooh i’ve noticed u’ve tied up the Blogroll

  8. oh, just go to user, your profile then type you link in!

  9. if u add me as an admin i will sure to give a beta with a beta hat.

  10. homie1124 is being given away!
    check it out and try to win my beta!
    and many more betas!
    hope u win!

  11. hi
    I’m comentin with a cell phone…

    I will add u 2 me blogrroll in the next 2 hours.

    see ya!

  12. Hey, A few days ago, Darkcrow200 quit his blog, but now hes back, teaming up with me we has created a all new site! http://www.djpenguins.wordpress.com
    we’re gonna try and get 100hits by mid-night tonight!

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