Water party kicks off and new stage performance and new room

Here are the free item- Rare as Yellow inflatable duckie, cove-GET IT! IT IS VERY VERY RARE!

Ice Cream Aporn from last year- Plaza

Shell Necklace- Beach

Here is the new room, you can get in by going in the iceberg and go to the huge head!

The new stage play-

And the Pool thingy, if you press the red button it will show you the history of last year

That’s it for now

~Joshshicool~ :mrgreen:

18 Responses

  1. hey, josh what was ur first cp party? mine was water party so im almost 1 year old 😀

  2. mine was the camp club penguin

  3. that means your older than me by an month

  4. 😀 yus!

  5. i didnt like the Camp party

  6. lolz u need to stop spamming

  7. lol did u like the camp [party

  8. me? spamming what?

  9. what i am spamming?

  10. nvm xat?

  11. no what i am spamming?

  12. Dont Worry, (no need to over react, gosh)

  13. noooooooo tell me

  14. don’t worry im making no sense like Calm down chillax u knowz?

  15. k’z im going on xat

  16. whatever, i am now eating my dinner now, bye

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