Party date is up!

Hi, sorry for the late party notice but this is the party time, i have worked time for NZ, Aus, US eastern, US mtn , PST (Pacific time) and US central

When is the party?:The party will be on Monday 23 for Australia and NZ and US, PST will be on 22 Sunday (because the date in Australia and USA is different because of the international date line)

Time? : 4:00pm for NZ, 2.00pm for Australia, 9:00pm for USA eastern or PST, 10:00pm for US mtn
11:00 for US central
12:00pm for US eastern

Server: Parka
Room: Pizza Parlour (I will be moving around)

Sorry for Australia because 2.00pm is school time at australia and for US central and US eastern I am sorry as well, you guys will be sleeping at that time i think

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~ :mrgreen


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  1. haha i told you the trick!

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