Hi, this is weird, i found Klutzy the crab at the pool and the mines, Klutzy is the crab who broke the window of the pool last year, here is the picture of klutzy at the pool!, I have a feeling that it is about the new mission!

You will found Klutzy in the time for example
5:00 Pool
5:15 Mine
5:30 Pool
5:45 Mine
6:00 Pool

The correct time will be based on the PST time at the Snow Forts!


6 Responses

  1. Oh wow !! Thanks for the post!!

  2. plz go to my site im having a comment contest!


  3. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!i have and capture that stupid little nasty crabby!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    and the last thing ill do!!!!!!!!!do!!!!!!!

  4. josh?
    ur postin late alot soz can i help u by beging an author on ur site?
    my blogemail is simmer27@gmail.com
    if u ad me il add u?

  5. wow!!!! im gonna see if i can find him!

  6. i hate klutzy. why would he work for a criminal like Herbert p. Bear. I mean what a stupid name Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy. They will be stopped and thrown in Penguin(or Polar Bear) jail!!!!!!!!!

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