New mission 8 and Rockhopper is nearly back

Hi, the new mission is out here is the Video from Mike 92

And 3 picture i took (Rockhopper is back you can see him from the binocular at the beacon

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~


10 Responses

  1. u also may see the new mission come out

  2. new mission few days ago

  3. just try it

  4. its cool
    come on try it

  5. its cool
    come on try it
    its fun

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  7. Подскажите шооблончег под WordPress 2.6.2, чтобы был похож на ваш

    Заранее благодарю)

  8. i think rockhopper is fat and ugly

  9. yeh i have done that one . all i want to know is how to do the new mission that has just come out for xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Wow! I went on another website and in the search bar, I typed in ‘mission 8’ and up it came! You know in yours you don’t use the barrel when underground, the one on the website did! I couldn’t lift it up. it’s so difficult…
    Thank-you thank-you thank-you!!!
    ( My penguin name is ) Holly325

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