Club Penguin Updates


Don’t forget to come to my 100,000 hits party!

Once again here is the invitation:

If you can’t read the invitation, the party is:

Saturday, July 19th.

Tundra Dock, 10:00 Am CPST.

I will accept all buddy requests at the end of the party!

Next for the new pin:

The new pin is a Treble Clef and is located at the Cave/Pool!

Here is the Furniture Catalog:

Click anywhere in the highlighted for the Guitar Stand!

Click the Coffee Shop tree for the Vegetable Garden!

Click the Palm Tree for the Flower Planter.

Click the Seaweed for the Clam!

Those are the hidden items  in the Furniture Catalog!

The new music is really cool! I just don’t like how Disney deleted old music. One of my favorite igloo tunes was deleted. 😦

The night club is undergoing some preparation! I think this has to do with the Music Festival!

The new Penguin Poll is here! Click Here to vote!

Congrats Deanking on winning this weeks igloo contest!

Also I have a new penguin! I share this penguin with my friend. I will be going on Frozen Dock with this penguin! Here is a picture:

When I go on Carlos I will look like this! Carlos is 910 days old!

Waddle On!

Simmer 27


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  1. Nice blog. Best CP stuffs out there!
    😉 good work.


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