Hello, i am back!

hi people i am back! I just saw lots of changes in Club penguin! Thats awesome, i just found the pin is at the boiler room, i missed a few items but nevermind! I was suprised what mission 9 isn’t out yet i thought it should be out now, i just saying my penguin is 376days old now, i have no time for pictures but i have to go to an computer exam in 20minutes and that place is quite far away, ok bye!

~Joshshicool~ 😉


5 Responses

  1. yo its about time your back! I’ve missed u and i do know who u r! Like i would forget. Anyway i got a site so ya. Anyway you missed out on some stuff! If u like ill make u author of my site. Gtg Bye!

  2. Oh oopz have u heard that purps got banned forever! Hes got another penguin now. Anyway really gtg BYE!

  3. um i don’t know that

  4. Hey,
    I just found over 300 swfs that work!
    plz visit my site to see them, 🙂


  5. Please visit my site.

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