Christmas party and new pin

Ok there is the christmas party items
Santa Beard- Ski Villiageclubpenguinrocks1
Santa hat- Snow Fortsclub-penguin-rocks-2

Also i was angry because one of my friend called Ivan Ho banned one of my accounts FOREVER!!!
if you are looking at my website Ivan you might be embarrased, ok i will really apologise if you
did not ban it forever ok another suspect that might have ban my account, his name is called
Cesar Ballie, dont think it’s him, and also that Yang knows my pass, dont think its him as well,
so i think that it is Ivan because last time he banned my account before, now i only have 2
penguins left, Joshshicool and Count457

And the New pin is the christmas present at the ski lodge, also the soccer pitch is gone
the ice rink came back! that’s it for now



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