Minigame contest!

Ok here is a contest, winner gets to be on my blogroll, all comments will be under moderation, the contest
will end when the party ends

How to play: there is 8 pictures, it is somewhere in the party, you must figure out which room each picture
is in and comment one comment one room like
and so on
if you do this like doing it in one comment for example
1. room
it will not be accepted, anyway have here is the pictures, have fun!!

Waddle on ~Joshshicool~


5 Responses

  1. 1 ski lodge
    2 plaza
    3 snow forts
    4 beach
    5 plaza
    6 ice rink
    7 forest
    8 cove

  2. 1. (blue snowman bag)= Ski lodge
    2. (Chef snowman)=Plaza-pizza sign
    3. (candy canes)=snow forts
    4. (coins for change sign)=Rockhoppers ship-Beach
    5. (snow puffle)= Plaza
    6. (Snowman)= Ice rink
    7. (Photos sign)= Forest
    8. (sunmaker sign)= Cove

  3. What do you win anyway?

  4. I like the dojo but thats not one so Hmmmmmm…i love the ski lodge cause it feels all cosy and warm

  5. 1)Ski Lodge
    3)Snow Forts
    6)Ice Rink

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