Club penguin Mission 10 Update

Hi guys, i just found out that club penguin mission 10’s name
will be named Chasing Herbert,
it will be released at
5:00AM UK time
7:pm NZ time
5:00pm Australia time
1:00 US MTN
2:00 US Central

~Joshshicool~ 😀

16 Responses

  1. yay ^^

  2. Hurray! Poor Puffles.

  3. crap! i won’t be home at 3:00

  4. Crap i have to wait until 2

  5. i live in canada wat will the time b 4 the mission 2 b released?

  6. and wat is Pst?

  7. do you have to be there at EXACTLY 3:00?

  8. The mission isn’t up, apparently; most of the servers aren’t able to access it. None of the ones I’VE been to, at least. Were we too late?

  9. Thanks for the awesome comment.

  10. yes its here im so glad

  11. so 1

  12. so 2

  13. so 12345

  14. 122345556667891010101010111212

  15. its waddle squad

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