Club penguin Mission 10 Walkthrough!

Mission 10 step by step guide, this is how you do mission 10


Talk to G and the other two agents.Pick up the box of odds and ends from G

Go to the gift shop and talk to the shop penguin. then talk the the green penguin by the magnet he will tell you that he has got the magnet 3000 out and that its not working

tell him that it needs power.And take the soler panle from the HQ if you havn’t

Attach the Soler panel to each of the magnets wires like this

get the table box and other stuff from the other guy

then Go to the beach and talk to the jetpack penguin. he will ask you to get some cream soda for fuel.

go to the light house and get the cream soda. Then go back to the beach

talk to the jetpack penguin and tell him Yes you found it and then give it to him

Follow the help message and divide the units exactly how it says until you get to the end.

Go to the dock and talk to the penguin by the boat and he’ll give you some rope

Go to the night club, with the rope you got befor put it on the pully near the cage and hit the lever. Then it will break down.Open it up using your screwdriver from your Spy Phone ,then Align the gears

go to Hq then ur spy phone will ring telling you to go to the dock. you will see Klutzy holding a cut out of herbert.

your spy phone will ring again. the green penguin will tell you herbert is in the night club. go to the night club and click on the cage lever.

herbert will lift up the cage and get out then G will call ur spy phone and the jetpack guy will come and the green penguin will come though the wall.

Herbert will try to take the puffle off the wall but he can’t shine all the 3 lights on the solar panel and it will make the cage come and lock Herbert up.

G will come in and talk. Herbert will want hes one phone call and the green penguin will hand Herbert the spy phone and then Herbert will get away again(oh well there goes herbert) .

The other two agents will leave and G will talk to you. the mission will end



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