How, how, HOW?????????????????

Ok, this is really sad, can anybody tell me how to make a video???
When I went on my youtube account i tried to upload the video but
it always says that it is Failed to Upload, any ideas? Plz comment
below, because when the next mission comes out, i want to make
my own video otherwise because might think that i am dum!


9 Responses

  1. dude the video must be converted i think

  2. hmm. idk. you could always ask

    Wweadam @

    or the dudes @

    they are good with vids and im sure would be happy to help

  3. just change it to another file name. like, vid or something. Search on google.

  4. Send in A video. DUH!!!!

  5. upload the video?? u fool

  6. uhhh

  7. idk it didnt do tht 2 me

  8. I dont get it?!?!?!


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