Make your own cool funny pictures!

Hi people, tommorow or the day after i will be making a page called” Funny picture workshop” Where you can make some funny pictures
but you can ask me to make some funny pictures as well, i would really like to make the page now but i am in the library and i won’t
have an example picture, on this computer it does not have paint or Adobe Photoshop Do come back tommorow I will more information on the page
If you want to see what kind i make

9 Responses

  1. hi am thinking of makeing my onw club penguin pics how do i do it

  2. club penguin is very cool at times but u cant buy anything

  3. why can’t penguins that aren’t members buy some things because now normal penguins aren’t playing because their is no point because they can’t buy anything . now I’m not playing with my penguin which is called mandyjayne1. I’m bored and i like playing on much funner games.

  4. go to http://www.funny\pictures\from\jeffhardy11\on\ theres lots of funny pictures see ya there im making more funny pictures i have almost every web site LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. you are gay!

  6. Bob is gayer

  7. i would want to make a club penguin

  8. i am the ultimate cart surfer…………….. .. and your noobs

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