500 days anniversary! and authors needed

Hi just telling u people that i am 500 DAYS OLD NOW!!! if you don’t
believe me here is the picture!

Also i need new author, just comment below, and ur e-mail u did
ur wordpress account in



10 Responses

  1. Hi im mcdonald fry if you want me to post email me or comment at my site mcdonaldfry.wordpress.com

  2. Hey,I’m Fastjordan!I posr right on the dot and will be glad to help you out.Don’t worry,though.I’ll get you alot of hits.

  3. i will help! but i don’t have a
    website lol

  4. He-ey. I’m Greenlol623 I just started a blog but I’m thinking of deleting it ’cause it’s too much work for me all by myself. Can I be an author for your blog? ps. I’m not a member. My club penguin is Green Lol623, but most penguins call me green. The e-mail that I have my account in is phonehome1997@msn.com

  5. my site is greenlol623.wordpress.com

  6. u kno wat forget it delete my comment

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