A teleporting to a place glitch!!!

Ok this is a secret, it is extremely useful when u r at a room where
u have to walk sooo slow, ok this is how to do it, go to dojo
with so many people playing card – jitsu, u no that u have to walk slow
right? now u don’t have to do that! ok after a match it say u or the other
guy won right? after that when u press ok press on the spot shown
(Circled in green)
and you will end up right near sensei! here is the other pic

And this glitch is also a way to do this err it very hard to explain this
but i try to explain it, err, you get to sit at a place u kinda can’t
here is the picture to show u what i mean anyway!

Ok that’s the end! hope u get it know
If u don’t know how to do it comment below
u have to scroll down

~Joshshicool~ :mrgreen:


4 Responses

  1. tht is so cool!

  2. Please visit cheatscp.com as every hit counts!

  3. […] come together, that wont happen And if you don’t want anybody do see you why not try the Teleporting glitch? It shows u how to teleport to places without ur clones following you! Here is a picture of me using […]

  4. mimo50005 pass is ninkumpoop

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