DJ cadence tracker and my 150,000 hits party

Ok just an reminder this is when my 150,000 is gonna be on!
Ok my 150,000 hits party will be on
When? : The following Sunday 3:00pm PST time, for other times
US MTN: 4:00pm time
US Central: 5:00pm time
US Eastern: 6:00pm time
Brasila(A city in brazil) 8:00pm time
London: 11:00pm time
Paris: 12:00am (Midnight which means now it is on Monday for the
next few countries
Ok for these country’s below the party will be on Monday (but in U.S.A it is still Sunday) there is only one party is u r confused, ok too speak clearly
If u go on Sunday for the next few countries below then u won’t find us!!!
The party will be held in Monday for these countries below that it is still Sunday in U.S.A but it is Monday on the countries below
OK? GET IT? As u move countries the time changes as u know
Ok carry on
Cairo: 1:00 am
Moscow: 2:00am
Dubai: 3:00 am
New Delhi:5:00 am
Bangkok: 6:00 am
Hong Kong and Beijing 7:00 am
Tokyo: 8:00 am
Australia: 10:00 am
And New Zealand: 12:00PM

If some of them r wrong then just stick with the PST (I am sure that it is right) then translate it to ur country’s time

Ok for the DJ cadence tracker, i just want to tell you, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DJ TRACKER, EVERY TRACKER IS FAKE!!!!
Question, how did they get the tracker then?
Ok this is how, they keep searching for Cadence (Not the tracker (the tracker doesn’t search) but the person who made the tracker) searched for them, when they found them , they update the tracker, well another question, HOW do they find Cadence alone? WELL WELL they don’t, they all go to a Discussion place and the place where they tried to find them is Click HERE for that link!


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  2. HI? u still there?

  3. so stupid idiot

  4. i see your tryingh to track me down lets see if it works ill give you a hint:im somwhere in from the forest or the night club on friday to sunday

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