Club penguin power cards peeks!

Hiya, today i went on my prize winning penguin and i just found out
that the guy has power cards!!!! here is a FEW pictures of the power card!!! (power card is cards that has power around them not normal cards or special that is bought but only 5)
I know that there is way more than that like the Octpus (Water 11)
the surfing one (water 9) the gary one (fire 9) the aqua grabber (water 10) The hose (water 10) the puffle running away (snow 10) And Lots more but i didn’t manage to see them
That’s all!


15 Responses

  1. how do u get a new power card?

  2. I dont know!!!! I just one them, but one of my buddy, named Leafian, he has power cards too, and he said he bought them from Toy R Us

  3. What is Toy R Us? A shop?

  4. A screwdriver?? :Lol:

  5. hi can u please give mea code coz the other cards are gettin borin.mimo 77
    please gimme some coz i keep on losin and havnt got green belt the
    other cards are gettin on my last nerve.thnx from clubpenguins jajadudet

  6. toys r us is an absolutly huge toy stor where you can get power cards from.

  7. toys r us is an absolutly huge toy store where you can get power cards from.

  8. can any ov u give me some codes or u ask ur frends if poss coz i havnt got white belt yet

  9. i think that if you are a ninja and beat sensei a bajillion times he gives you power cards im a ninja – havent tried yet

  10. im trying to get hold of the power card but i carnt please help me.

  11. How many power cards are there?!


    That a lot,by the way,awesome site.

  12. mag ik cheats weten

  13. can anyone give me a code i need to beat sensei and i dont have cards strong enough to beat him:(!!!

  14. Power cards are cool oh and there are 51 power cards

  15. I’m a fire ninja thats how i know ITS SO AWESOME BEING A FIRE NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$

    Just be a member when ninja then go to fire dojo sensei will give you 10 cards and 2 power cards and the should be more than 10 i think

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