Club penguin Snow and Sport Catalog Sneak peek

Today club penguin posted this Sneak Peek of the new catalog!!
Here is the picture
Any question Click HERE to leave a comment


13 Responses

  1. Hiya penguin,
    You have a nice site here 🙂

    I have created a new group to find Rockhopper!
    It is a sure way to find him and if you are wanting to join just simply visit this link below:

    ( Thanks and have a great day )

    -Club Penguin Exclusive

  2. i think austin is a dumb nobraine

  3. i hate austin for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i hate john105

  5. i want to kill austin

  6. i hate ugheruihtguerhguheruihgvjudfhtuheuthgr

  7. the shark always catches the eel

  8. follow the white rabbit

  9. elephants never forget

  10. ktyinmdfgi iludfweijheg5uybvawfyvcu bryfebvhguiehwruifywdjkrtyuwehr8t34u4

  11. my favorite color is pink!!!!!!!!!

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