How to make Clones on club penguin

Hey, i know how to make CLONES now! Thanx to Gas for telling me it
First Download the PERL
Then download the BOT SCIRPT After you download both thing
Open the script, then save it as Botmaking Then right click on the Botmaking, then press on Open with, then press on others
then Browse , go to the place with u open saved the Perl, (Hope you save it on desktop) then open it with it, then a black screen should come out, then right the bot name, pass, server, and follow who
hope it helped!


33 Responses

  1. my dad says i am not aloud to do it sigh!


  3. wat do u mean by joining the stuff together?

  4. does it really work

  5. Is it free?
    And does it have to be on your destop?
    And will you get bann?
    And can you unload it?
    And can ppl see you?

  6. it wont work

  7. how long does it take to make the clone cuz ive been waiting for 15 minutes

  8. do you get banned???

  9. Does it work at all???

  10. if you dont get it go to

  11. Ive tryed but it didnt work

  12. ????????? that looks hard

  13. how do i download stuff?

  14. Will i get banned?

  15. […] they will not be together!!, ok this is really easy, if you dont know how to make a clone Click HERE If you want to get the shorter way but harder to do, or click HERE If you want the longer way but […]

  16. it wont work i did everything but it just wont work -_-

  17. it takes too long plz help me

  18. Yes. You would get banned if you did it alot but dont use your main penguin because you might get banned. Use your other penguin and use perl by logging it people you know that work. If the penguins dont work, when you type them in and they dont work, it means the penguins are banned or changed password.

  19. It works. If it didnt work, You did it wrong.

  20. It is so confusing.

  21. its keeps on loading but nothin happening. wut do i do now?

  22. uh duh! were not nerds!!!!!! idk wat ur evn talking about!!!!!1 NERD TALK DUDE NERD TALK!

  23. wow that took a while and it works…?

  24. whats a script!?!?!

  25. i donloaded the stuff but what do u do after that?

  26. i DONT GET IT

  27. The link to bot script isnt working. Please Help!
    Please send me a message in

  28. does it give viruses????
    there must be an easier way to do that without haveing to download stuff… 0_o

  29. Hey I Have A Website Can You Visit It It Has Some Cool Cheats

  30. it won’t let me download the botscript it says error please try back in a few minutes but ive been waiting for 30 minutes and still nothing

  31. it worked it worked thank you i will put this on my cheats now

  32. im too lazy but thanks darlin

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