Club penguin Lime green dojo clean cheats!(how to get the coin on every page)

Here is the cheats for Lime Green Dojo clean cheats of how to get coins on every page, You the wiping thing and wipe in the area i squared to get the coin
To the “Choose tree” and move the paint for the coin
Page 8 – Click and drag the paint ball until it wears out reveal a coin.
The rest are just words, i will update them later there r cheat on every page
Move the penguin around with your cursor to clean the Dojo roof.
Page 12 – Click and highlight the Dojo wall panels green to earn a coin.
Page 14 – Move the paint bucket to the right to reveal a hidden coin.
Page 16 – Move and navigate the light bulb through three different mazes to discover a hidden coin.
Page 18 – Exchange the capes on the penguin’s flippers for socks.

I will do the pictures later


3 Responses

  1. Nice

  2. Thanks, I deaspratly needed those extra coins to get to my goal which is one million coins but so far only have 20987 so thanks allot

  3. there is another secret in page thirteen that you press the walls and you’ll have to do the some as the wall glow ant then when you done it right the door will open and show you the coin.

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